GrArG Media
I am UK-based conceptual illustrator Ali Graham, and here is some stuff I've created & enjoyed along the way.


My last illustration of the current season of Comedy Bang Bang for ifc.

Such a fun project.

The last in my “5 Stages Of Loss” series for becausefutbol.

Its been a really great project to be involved in - check out all the other excellent work created here.

Something for the Wimbledon final.

Some flyers I drew for ifc and Comedy Bang Bang.

A lot of fun drawing work involving both my favourite comedy performer (rejectedjokes) and protagonist to my teen, video-game obsession (Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2)

"Hash Brownie" (July 2007)

I created a mini project a little while ago called zom-edy (zombie-fying some of my favourite comedians.)

When time permits I will definitely get back to this …